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How to export your configuration:

  1. Scroll Down the In-Game Menu and select "Create Export Package".

  2. This will package the data into a new bot which we will copy the data from.

  3. Open the Overwatch menu (esc).

  4. Select "Open Workshop Inspector".
  5. Select the dropdown menu "Variable Target".
  6. Select "Winston".
  7. In the middle panel "Variables", you should see a list of variables and numbers.

If the "Variables" panel is empty do the following:

6a. Move the blue slider above "Variable Target" slightly backwards.

6b. Move the blue slider completely forwards.
  1. Select the rightmost button from the bottom left that looks like this: [(x)]

  2. When you hover over the button it will say: "Copy clipboard current variables for current variables target as workshop actions"

  3. Your settings variables will now be in your clipboard.

    8a. To save your work: paste your settings into a text file on your computer. or Follow the import instructions up to step 6, then save your preset.

    8b. To share your scenario or resume your work please see "import instructions"